Operation and Maintenance Consultancy

Optimized plant operation and proactive maintenance is as important as excellent design and project implementation for the long-term success of projects. By working with operation and maintenance consultants, clients can benefit from the latest innovations and best practices in the field of water and wastewater treatment.

We offer operation and maintenance consultancy services in the business areas of Water and Waste Water Treatment, Energy and Environmental Protection.

We investigate different scenarios to minimize the Life Cycle Cost of plants by decreasing utility consumption, improving operating performance, operating safety, availability and efficiency of industrial and infrastructure facilities and systems while using resources as economically as possible.
We can offer a range of services, such as:
  • Advice on operation and maintenance of individual unit processes, such as coagulation, filtration, disinfection, biological treatment, membrane separation, etc.
  • Advice on selection of appropriate water/wastewater process treatment schemes, based on the quality and quantity of the raw water or wastewater, the desired effluent standards, the available space and budget, etc.
  • Scoping, technical evaluation and outline costing of water and wastewater technology options, including conventional and advanced technologies, such as activated sludge, trickling filters, anaerobic digestion, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet disinfection, etc.
  • State of the art appraisal and synopsis of peer-reviewed and grey literature on water and wastewater treatment topics, such as emerging contaminants, nutrient removal, reuse and recycling, etc.
  • Co-authorship of papers, proposals and bids, or advice and guidance in their preparation
  • Writing/presentation of technical reports on water and wastewater treatment projects
  • Trouble-shooting of technical problems in water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Site visits to assess the performance and condition of water and wastewater treatment facilities
  • Training and teaching on water and wastewater treatment principles and practices
  • Research experimental design for water and wastewater treatment studies
Operation and maintenance consultancy can help clients to improve the efficiency, quality and sustainability of their water and wastewater treatment systems. The consultants can also help clients to reduce costs, risks and environmental impacts associated with water and wastewater treatment.
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