Drone-assisted Services

Nerowa provides a range of valuable drone-assisted services for renewable power plants, helping to improve efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Some of the key drone-assisted services for renewable power plants include:
Drones can be used to speed up the site selection and planning process for utility and residential solar and wind projects. By providing detailed aerial imagery and data, drones can help renewable power plant investors make more informed decisions about where to locate their facilities, identify potential challenges and opportunities, and improve the efficiency and ROI of their projects.
Nerowa also provides valuable drone-assisted inspection and diagnostic services for renewable power plants. By using advanced sensors and imaging technologies, drones can help operators identify potential issues with their equipment and infrastructure, allowing them to take proactive measures to prevent downtime and improve performance.
Nerowa offers a unique drone inspection service for solar farms to identify, locate, and qualify any defects that may impede performance, such as hotspots, disconnected strings, potential induced degradation (PID), micro-cracks, internal corrosion, and delamination. The service uses drones to capture high-quality photographic images of the solar farm, including infrared images. These images are processed to create a model, which is analyzed using machine-learning algorithms to produce a map of all identified defects and their locations.
After an adequate inspection, our experts provide advice on how to prioritize maintenance actions and whether to launch insurance claims. The goal is to help solar farm owners and operators maintain high-performance levels, maximize asset profitability, and target and prioritize corrective maintenance actions. Drones can also be used to carry out cleaning and inspection work on wind farms, where the enormous height of towers and turbines can make these tasks difficult and dangerous. By using drones, renewable power plants can improve safety and reduce the time and cost of O&M work.
Overall, drone-assisted services can provide significant benefits for renewable power plants, helping them to operate more efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively.
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