Business Sectors

Nerowa offers a range of services in the energy sector, including Renewable Energy Solutions, Energy Efficiency Schemes, Energy Audit and Management, and Performance Monitoring. We are dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to help our clients reduce their energy consumption and minimize their impact on the environment.
In addition to our core energy services, we also offer specialized services for solar and wind farm operators. For solar farm operators, we provide performance-enhancing assistance throughout the entire power generation value chain, from capturing the sun’s energy to feeding the produced power into the grid. For wind farm operators, we offer performance-enhancing assistance with respect to operating and maintaining any type of wind turbine.
Our Water and Waste Water treatment team specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for the complex challenges of water treatment and management. We also have extensive experience in Desalination, with a focus on developing cost-effective and environmentally sustainable methods for converting seawater into drinking and industrial water.
At Nerowa, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality services and expertise in all of our business sectors.
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